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Cold stretch film machine

Technical parameters:
1. High tensile strength
2. The vertical and horizontal extension rate can reach more than 100%
3. Anti-puncture
4. Good tear resistance
5. Variable biaxial stretching
6. Strong tightness
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Product description
product description:
Advantages of stretch film:
1. Low cost of use: can save packaging costs
2. The film has excellent transparency, and the packaging items are beautiful and generous
3. Good safety performance, non-toxic, tasteless, and improve production efficiency
4. It can prevent dust, moisture, and cleanliness of the packaged material, making the packaging stronger
Cold stretch film service industry:
Film packaging is a modern and reliable packaging method that is suitable for many industrial sectors and is widely used in the following industries: metal packaging, food and beverage, brick and tile, logistics industry, bagged food, chemicals and other corrugated industries.
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