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Cold stretch film machine

Standard minimum tray size: 1000X1000mm
Standard maximum tray size: 1200X1200mm
Standard height: minimum 500mm, maximum 2000mm
Standard weight: 1000kg Packing speed: 60 pallets/hour
Film thickness: 50-200 microns Air source: 6BAR
Power supply: 380V 50HZ three-phase five-wire
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Traditional way
The traditional packaging method of pallet goods is winding packaging, which uses manual or winding machines to wrap the pallet goods layer by layer with PE film, which is time-consuming and often produces a lot of packaging waste. There are few layers of packaging and worry about packaging. The quality is poor, the transportation protection effect of the goods cannot be obtained, and the packaging layer is too many and the packaging material cost is wasted. If you need complete dust and water resistance, you must cover the upper part of the film, which is time-consuming and laborious and wasteful of packaging costs. In addition, the opaque packaging quality often causes inconvenience for warehouse personnel to check inventory. Customers must also completely tear off the PE stretch film when accepting the goods. Laborious and time-consuming.
Advanced way
The new high-speed pallet packaging method is cold stretch film. Cold stretch film not only meets the requirements of environmental protection and energy saving, but also provides a convenient way to protect pallet goods. The LLDPE cold stretch film covering from top to bottom completely wraps the product and the pallet tightly. It plays the role of waterproof and dustproof, cluster packaging, not easy to tilt, and the goods will not shift and wear against each other.
Cold stretch film (LLDPE) cold stretch shrinkage ratio: 17-20%, thickness is only 0.1mm, and the amount of each pallet is only about 500-560g, which can greatly reduce the cost of packaging materials.
Advantages of PE stretch film:
1. High tensile strength
2. The vertical and horizontal elongation can reach more than 100%
3. Anti-piercing
4. Good tear resistance
5. Variable biaxial stretching
6. Strong tightness
8. Low cost of use: can save packaging costs
9. The film has excellent transparency, making the packaged goods beautiful and generous
10. Good safety performance, non-toxic, tasteless, and improve production efficiency
11. It can prevent dust, moisture, and cleanliness of the packaged material, making the packaging stronger
Advantages of cold stretch film machine
1. Transparent overall packaging, high-grade packaging;
2. Low membrane consumption, no heat source medium, and low cost;
3. Waterproof and dustproof, suitable for long-distance transportation in various harsh environments;
4. Outdoor storage, saving warehouse space and cost;
5. Paste barcode inside and outside, fast logistics;
6. The surface of the film can be printed with company names, advertisements and patterns, etc.
7. It has both the protection characteristics of heat shrinkable film and the economic characteristics of film wrapping machine.
8. The stacked items are closely held together by the shrink film, which can effectively prevent falling off;
9. The cold stretch film does not need to use heat. It can save energy and completely eliminate the risk of fire or explosion.
Tray-free cold stretch coating process
      The transfer of traditional material stacks requires the help of a forklift. In order to ensure the stability of the stacks, wooden pallets must be installed at the bottom of the stacks. This method requires the pallet to always follow the stack, which will occupy the transportation space during transportation. At the same time, the wooden pallet consumes a lot of wood, which increases the cost. In response to this problem, the company developed a new generation of pallet-free cold stretch coating technology, which specifically includes stack shape optimization, stack turnover and two-way coating. Set the shape of the stack to support the stack itself, which can directly eliminate the bottom tray, and greatly improve the sealing performance of the stack cover film.
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