Closed valve bag automatic bag loading cleaning packaging system


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Closed valve bag automatic bag loading cleaning packaging system

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       Automated and clean packaging of powder materials including nano-calcium carbonate, white carbon, and battery material pigments is an industry problem. Due to rising labor costs and dust occupational hazards, there is an urgent need for a complete set of powder and granular automatic cleaning and discharging packaging equipment with independent intellectual property rights, stable and reliable operation, and technical performance indicators that reach the international advanced level
       The system mainly developed core equipment such as powder valve port packaging machine, multiple degassing system, pocket double-station automatic bagging manipulator, automatic bag unloading system, self-cleaning heat sealing system and other core equipment, which can complete automatic bagging and degassing during the packaging process , Valve port quantitative packaging, automatic bag unloading, weight re-inspection, vacuum heat sealing and other processes, for the first time in China, the automatic and clean packaging of powder and pellets including ultra-light and fine powder has been realized, which greatly reduces the packaging volume and reduces Storage and transportation costs to prevent workers' pneumoconiosis. This product fills the domestic gap and replaces imported equipment. The price is more than 50% lower than that of imported equipment. It has been demonstrated in many leading enterprises in the powder and pellet industry, and has improved the production efficiency and overall competitiveness of powder and pellet manufacturers. Competitive.
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