Automatic valve bag uploading system


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Automatic valve bag uploading system

Technical parameters
1. Type of packaging bag:Valve packaging bag
2. Type of sealing:Valve bag small mouth heat sealing
3.Rate:≥180 bags/h
4.Positive pressure air source:0.6~0.7Mpa;
5.Bag-sucking negative pressure air sour
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Valve bag packaging
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Automatic valve bag uploading system,including  automatic bags store,bag uploading mechanical arm,repeated detecting sealing machine and so on, it can automatically supply valve packaging bags to valve packaging machine, and we have achieved one national patent for this machine. After manually setting piles of packaging bags on the automatic bags stock,the bags stock will convey them to the bags picking areas where another pile of bags will be conveyed  after the former bags in this area have been picked. And it will alarm to remind relevant workers on site to replenish packaging bags when detecting that the bags in stock will be used up.

Bag uploading mechanical arm automatically pick ,open and wrap the bag, and it will pick and open the next bag when the former one is under packaging.

After finishing packaging, the bag-pushing system will push the packaged goods to the sealing machine where they can be automatically sealed.

Controlling system works for interconnected controlling of each unit equipment and has perfect fault protecting and up-and-down stream interconnected halt function with automatic PLC controlling,as following shows;

1. Automatic alarm when lacking bags

2.Automatic failure dealing when bagging failed

3.Packaging bags conveying in place detecting and automatically find the sealing position

4.The heat sealing system has bag mouth cleaning system.Before heat sealing ,small air tubing inserts into the small mouth of the bag and clamp the end of the mouth,and finally pulled out after the powder and dust in the mouth of the bag has been cleaned up.Therefore, the success rate of the heat sealing is ensured and the powder and dust is also sucked off by the dust-removing system.

5.The whole operating system is easy for using and convenient for checking,repairing and maintaining.

This product has been affirmed by Jiangsu high and new  technology products.
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