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Automatic open-bag uploading system

Technical parameters
1.Type of packaging bag:Open packaging bag
2. Type of sealing:sewing/heat sealing/hemming sewing(According to client’s needs)
3.Rate:≥200 bags/h
4.Positive pressure air source:0.6~0.7Mpa;
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Product overview:

The automatic open bag supply system is matched with automatic open bag quantitative packaging machine,consisting of automatic bag-supplying machine,bag uploading machine,automatic bag sewing machine,bag conveyor,bag shifter and control operation display system.

The main function of automatic bag-supplying machine and bagging machine is picking empty packaging bags and conveying them to the working position,then the mouth of those bags will be sucked open by the vacuum sucker and shoved off by the bagging arm. Finally they will be automatically covered on the sackholder. This system includes packaging platform,empty packaging bags picking machine,bag opening machine,bagging machine,detecting elements and other necessary parts.

Automatic bag-sewing introducing machine can clamp the mouth of the packaged bags and smoothly lead them to the automatic bag-sewing system, ensuring no leakage of the powder, no reversing bags and steady conveying.

Bags conveyor conveys the packaged bags to the bag-sewing system.

Bags shifter tightly clamp the packaged bags and clasp the bottom of the bags to convey them to the sewing system steadily,ensuring no reversing bags and steady conveying.

The main function of control operation display system is to ensure all the equipment in the contract work steadily and reliably.


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