LCS-1000-T2 Automatic ton bags quantitative packaging machine


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LCS-1000-T2 Automatic ton bags quantitative packaging machine

Technical parameters
1.Quantitative range:500kg~1000kg;
2.Packaging rate:8~15 bags/h;
3.Packaging error:≤±0.2%;
4.Main motor power:Self-flow charging≤2KW,Spiral charging≤5KW;
6.Working pressure:0
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This machine applies to the quantitative packaging of ton bags for powder and granulous materials,which has been purchased by domestic manufacturers of high value-added materials,like titanium pigment, silicon carbide, molybdenum iron powder.2# packaging machine adds one more shift-out station on the basis of 1#. In case that the forklift crashes the packaging unit and damages the weighing equipment when getting the packaged ones,the materials will be conveyed to one side of the weighing subject and the next one will be packaged after the former one has been got by the forklift.

The R&D of this machine has got the support of National Torch Plan and won the honor of Jiangsu New High-tech product and Yangzhou Science and Technology Progress Award.

This machine applies to the following ones:titanium dioxide,silicon carbide iron, molybdenum iron powder, molybdenum dioxide, feed, food, light industry and chemical industry.

Features of this machine

(1)Diverse ways of charging,you can choose self-flow, spiral,feeder,conveying belt to meet different needs of packaging.

(2)The function of clamping the bag and disconnecting:After finishing packaging,the clamping and disconnecting will automatically start.

(3)With high precision and two shift-out station to ensure high speed of packaging.

(4)With out-of-tolerance alarm:If the packaging weight is not in the range of the allowed error, the alarm notice will be sent out.

(5)With automatic error correction:The quantity of materials in advance will be corrected according to the change of the quantity of the materials in stock,which makes the precision of packaging more reliable.

(6)Automatic/Manual functions:it can package continuously at the automatic condition,and also can package dynamically with manual function.

(7)Finished products counting function:It can record the quantity of the finished products in each shift or each day.

(8)Easy for the extension of functions and can add other functions like repeated detecting,full stack shaping,code printing and dust removing etc.

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