LCS-50-C Automatic ultra-light and fine powder quantitative packaging machine


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LCS-50-C Automatic ultra-light and fine powder quantitative packaging machine

Technical Parameters
1.Quantitative range:5-50kg;
2.Packaging rate:≥60-100 bags/h;
3.Packaging error: ≤±0.2%;
4.Main motor power:≤4KW
6.Positive pressure air source: 0.6-0.7Mpa;
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This machine applies to the quantitative packaging of open bags for ultra-light and fine powder materials with high gas content. It adopts the national initiative technology that we invented of the separation for ultra-light and fine powder from gas by negative pressure deposition and multiple vacuum suction, which ensure the clean packaging of ultra-light and fine powder materials, as well as those with high gas content, efficiently avoid the overfall of the ultra-light powder materials during producing. The packaging by this machine reduces the pollution and effectively save more than 30% space. The density of the powder materials after exhausting is largely increased, which is easy for delivering and storing and saving more than 30% cost of delivery and storage.

The R&D of this machine has got the support of National Torch Plan and National Innovation Fund. And it has won the honor of Jiangsu New High-tech product award, National Key New Product award, agold medalfrom China International Patent & Brand Expo.

Features of main motor

(1) This machine adopts the advanced technologies, like powder-gas separation and negative pressure deposition. And it will exhaust the air in the materials three times from before-feeding, feeding to after-measuring to meet the desirable effect.

(2) The bag-clamping device moves up and down and the feeding is inside the suction hood, without any powder left.

(3) Adopting the frequency conversion speed-changing feeding and solving the conflict between packaging precision and packaging speed.

(4)With automatic error correction:The quantity of materials in advance will be corrected according to the change of the quantity of the materials in stock,which makes the precision of packaging more reliable.

(5) Automatic/Manual functions:it can package continuously at the automatic condition,and also can package dynamically with manual function.

(6)Finished products counting function:It can record the quantity of the finished products in each shift or each day.

(7)The main components are all imported from Japan with reliable running and lower failure rate.

(8) Easy for the extension of functions and can add other functions like repeated detecting,full stack shaping,code printing and dust removing etc.

This machine applies to the following ones:carbon black, white carbon black, nano calcium carbonate, kaolin, alta mud, talcum powder, gypsum powder, paint and other industries.

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