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LCS-50-FBC type

Technical parameters
1. Quantitative range: 5~50kg;
2. Packaging speed: 80~120 bags/hour (sticky powder);
100~240 bags/hour (good fluidity materials);
3. Packing error: ≤±0.2%;
4. Working pressure: 0.6~0.7Mpa;
5. Electric source: AC380V, 50Hz;
6. Main engine power: 4kw.
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Product description
product description:
Based on the LCS-50-FB valve port quantitative automatic packaging machine, this machine adds an open packaging device. When the open packaging device is used, it can be packaged in open-mouth bags. When the open packaging device is not used, it can be Pack the valve port. The equipment is used in open-mouth bags, valve bag conversion, powder and pellet packaging with a specific gravity ≥0.2T/m3, and is widely used in domestic silicon carbide and other industries.
This machine is suitable for silicon carbide, titanium dioxide, dry powder mortar, PVC, plastic, calcium carbonate, talc, medicine, chemical industry, feed, food and other industries.
Features of this machine
1. The use of spiral variable speed feeding solves the problem of the restriction of packaging accuracy and packaging speed.
2. The use of an open device can meet both open and valve packaging requirements. When performing open packaging, it occupies a smaller area and has stable performance than traditional open packaging machines.
3. The new type of vibrating silo can pre-process the material before packaging, so that the packaging speed and accuracy can be further improved.
4. Two working modes, automatic and manual, can carry out continuous packaging and inching packaging.
5. The automatic drop correction function can automatically correct the advance amount according to the changes in the amount of materials in the silo and automatically adapt to the changes in the packaging environment to make the weighing accuracy more stable.
6. Finished product counting function: the number of finished products can be packaged per shift or per day.
7. The main components are all imported components, which are reliable in operation, convenient in adjustment and low in failure rate.
8. The material level detection function can be added. When the material level of the buffer vibration warehouse is low, it will automatically alarm and prohibit the next bag packaging to reduce the weighing error caused by the material change.
9. It is convenient to expand functions, and can add functions such as automatic bag unloading, re-inspection, shaping, coding and palletizing.
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