XBJ type automatic packaging and palletizing production line


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XBJ type automatic packaging and palletizing production line

Technical parameters:
1. Material properties: powder, granule;
2. Load: 25kg-50kg;
3. Packaging bag type: valve port, open packaging bag;
4. Capacity: ≥800 packs/hour;
5. Palletizing process: 8 layers/stack, 5 bags/layer, according to the sequence of "2-3" and "3-2", and the palletizing process can be changed by programming according to site requirements;
6. Storage capacity of pallet library: ≥10 pallets.
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Product description
The company cooperated with Southeast University and other scientific research institutions, introduced the National Yangtze River Scholars Distinguished Professor and the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund winner Professor Li Shutao of Hunan University, and successfully developed a series of automatic packaging and palletizing production lines. This series of products won the "First Set of Major Equipment in Jiangsu Province", "China Light Industry Council Science and Technology Progress Award", "National Commercial Science and Technology Progress Award", "China Packaging Technology Innovation Award", "High-tech Products of Jiangsu Province", and "Yangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award" and other awards, the research and development of the project has been supported by the establishment of "Key Projects of National Science and Technology Enterprise Technology Innovation Fund", "High-tech R&D Fund Projects in Packaging Industry", and has 11 national patents.
This series of products consists of automatic bag loading system, quantitative automatic packaging machine, sealing device, conveyor, unloading mechanism, weight rechecking machine, rejection machine, shaping machine, inkjet printer, palletizing robot, pallet library, full stack shaping machine , Winding machine and other equipment, can complete the production of viscous powder and granules; ultra-light fine powder and granules; granular materials and ordinary materials. This production line can be used for the production of valve openings and open packaging bags of different materials such as paper-plastic composite packaging bags, all-paper packaging bags, and all-plastic packaging bags. The service industries cover the quantitative packaging and automatic palletizing fields of food, chemical industry, building materials, pigments, minerals, etc., tested by the national quality supervision department, the production line has high packaging accuracy, no dust pollution, high degree of automation, and palletizing speed up to 1,000 packages /Hour or more.



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